• Conference fee: 3600 PLN
  • Accompanying person fee: 3500 PLN
    The fee includes: conference materials, board and lodging, insurance, as well as the editing and publication of the book of abstracts.
  • The conference fee does not include the cost of bus travel Gliwice-Malè-Gliwice: 590 PLN
  • The cost of the exhibition stand: 800 PLN/m2

All our Participants are covered by PZU Wojażer traveling assistance, medical expenses, AD&D, and liability insurance during the conference trip.

Please make a transfer by November 15, 2022 into the following account:

Zarząd Główny Koła Materiałów Metalowych i Polimerowych
Stowarzyszenia Wychowanków Politechniki Śląskiej

Tax ID (NIP): 631 10 69 505
Branch of ING BANK in Gliwice
Zwycięstwa 4, 44 - 100 Gliwice
PL 81 1050 1298 1000 0024 6439 7849 (account in PLN)
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Conference DIAGNOSTICS - Attendee name and surname

Diagnostyka Materiałów Polimerowych 2023 - Diagnostics of Polymeric Materials 2023